Shower Gifts & Must Haves

Milk Snob- The Perfect Nursing Cover!

As most of you know, I am a review junkie!

I recently purchased three of these for three friends of mine expecting shortly.  Unfortunately I found this company shortly after I finished Nursing Oliver. I still considered purchasing one because of how versatile it is! You can use these for nursing covers, carseat covers, restaurant highchair covers, swing covers (Perfect for our Mamaroo Lovers!). My favorite use is a grocery cart cover! (Amazing right?!)

Those thick bulky covers only made it into the store a handful of times for us, I had way too many other things to carry. The Milk Snob rolls up in your bag! They are incredibly soft and can be used over and over! If you are looking for a multi use nursing cover get this one! Or if you are searching for a great gift for a baby shower, this is a great option running about $36 per cover. They come in many different colors and patterns. Check them out!

Milk Snob Nursing Covers


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