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Our HGTV child friendly home!

My husband and I recently did an episode on HGTV! You can find the link to the episode here HGTV “Destined for a Renovation in Destin” . It was quite the renovation, though mainly cosmetic. The biggest change for us was finally spending some money to properly decorating our home regardless of having small children! When Lee…… Continue reading Our HGTV child friendly home!


(Almost)Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!

Christmas is just around the corner! If you are like me you have a few gifts you still need to buy. Last night I opened an email from Vista Print that was offering the holiday code "BESTGIFTS"  for 50% off any photo gift! This includes personal mugs, coaster, calendars and many many more! Its worth checking out! In… Continue reading (Almost)Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!


Teacher Holiday Gift Guide

A. The Ghirardelli Holiday Celebration Tower – Because lets be honest, who doesn’t love chocolates?! B. Starbucks Holiday Blend Gift Set – You can never have enough Starbucks coffee cups, or caffeine.. Especially teachers!  This is really a gift you could give to anyone! C. Target Gift Card – When you really are not sure.. Plus I know I want everything…… Continue reading Teacher Holiday Gift Guide


The Holiday Card

We booked a photographer, somehow we got both children to look at the camera, and successfully took our annual holiday pictures. Now to place them on the perfect card and mail them out, somehow before Christmas. We have all been there! I am actually “there” right this minute. No, not at the post office mailing them…… Continue reading The Holiday Card


Its Okay to Sleep Train! Try it!

The strong opinions on both sides of sleep training leave parents unsure about the idea of “crying it out” Waking up in the middle of the night is a wonderful bonding experience between a parent and child. There are little distractions in the darkness and it gives the two plenty of one on one bonding…… Continue reading Its Okay to Sleep Train! Try it!