Teacher Holiday Gift Guide

teacher-gift-guide2A. The Ghirardelli Holiday Celebration Tower – Because lets be honest, who doesn’t love chocolates?!

B. Starbucks Holiday Blend Gift Set – You can never have enough Starbucks coffee cups, or caffeine.. Especially teachers!  This is really a gift you could give to anyone!

C. Target Gift Card – When you really are not sure.. Plus I know I want everything target sells, so really who doesn’t?! This is basically the gift of freedom.. you can finally buy that $30 useless table decor item without your husband knowing.

D. Edible Arrangements – The “Healthy” chocolate option..  Until you are worried it will go bad so you just eat the entire thing..  I promise if you receive one of these from me it comes judgement free!

E. Yankee Candle Gift Set – I personally am borderline obsessed with Yankee Candles. I keep one burning for the majority of the day! The only problem I see with this is that I am picky about candle scents so unless you know them well, use caution and pick out the lighter scents.

F. BP Reversible Scarf | Nordstrom – I love scarfs in the winter! I also like to follow the gift rule of giving something that I love! This one is adorable! *Hint Hint*

G. Holiday Throw | Target – “We have just settled in for a long Winters nap” I Love to curl up in a warm fuzzy blanket on the couch in my down time. I am sure teachers do too! Giving them some cozy comfort is probably what they are looking forward to this Christmas.

As time is nearing for my sons Christmas celebration at school I am starting to panic searching for the perfect Christmas gift for his teachers.

My son has a love for school so I really want to show my appreciation to his teachers for giving him such a positive learning experience. These are a few of my favorite ideas I have found along the hunt. Feel free to use any of my ideas! I am here to help!

If you have some other Teacher holiday gift ideas be sure to comment them below! I love to hear from you all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Gift Giving!



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