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A “Sit & Stand” Chicco?!

Anyone who has asked me for baby product reviews know that I HIGHLY recommend Chicco Products! I love their baby gear it is always made really well, very durable, very cost effective, and easy for parents! You really can’t go wrong with any Chicco product!

Well folks, they have done it!! Introducing the Chicco BRAVO for 2 !!! Chicco has come out with a stroller that offers the sit and stand feature for families with more than one child! I love the Sit and Stand concept but I have never cared for Baby Trend products, in my opinion they are horribly made with cheap material! If I am spending $100+ on a product for one of my kids you better believe it won’t be cheaply made and breaking in one year.

The Bravo was already a very successful stroller for Chicco so by adding this extra feature I am sure it will remain in the Chicco lineup.

Full size double strollers are tough! You are either pushing a bus you can’t see the front of or you can’t fit through the door and require a WIDE LOAD sign. Either way my experience with double strollers has been horrible. It goes a little something like this;

I start out with a positive attitude. “This time will be different. Better.” I say. Target, Walmart, Publix these stores seem easy for a double stroller, there is plenty of isle space! Well Problem #1, while pushing a bus or wide load you no longer have the capability of dragging a cart or holding a basket. I get creative when placing juice or cans of food. Eggs obviously go in the bottom basket and bread on the top umbrella. I use all the cupholders, empty spaces and every inch of the basket. I have of frisk my stroller and children at the check out line to make sure I found all the food I have strategically placed. Problem #2, free children! Once you lose one you lose both because it would be a CRAZY concept to allow one child to run free and not the other. So I would do anything to keep both kids in a stroller! “Want my phone? “”Take It! I didn’t need those mobile coupons”. Problem #2.5 I only have one phone and two kids.. someone should make a blue tooth second screen for these scenarios! (BRILLIANT!) Anyways this naturally means I grab a toy off the shelf to distract the other, a cheap toy because 9 out of 10 times I am now buying this junkie toy which is Problem#3. ANYTHING to keep them in the stroller! A kid (or two) on the loose while pushing a massive stroller is DANGEROUS! I promise I will run you over if my kids slip past you. Sorry. By the time we get out of the store I’m beaten, bruised, and hopefully not shoplifting a can of peas I forgot in a hidden cup holder!

As I am writing this and looking at this simple, beautiful stroller thinking… this stroller probably won’t help with any of the above problems.. nothing can.. except perhaps that blue tooth screen! Let me know if that exists!!

I am interested to see this stroller in person, If I see you in a store with it please don’t be scared when I ask how much you LOVE it, which Im sure you will.



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